Visite guidée de l'abbaye d'Autrey

Découverte de l'histoire et de l'architecture de l'abbaye.

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Découverte de l'histoire et de l'architecture de l'abbaye.

Visite commentée de l'église abbatiale : son architecture, les restaurations successives des XVIème et XVIIIème siècles, son histoire du XIIème siècle à aujourd'hui.

Visite du cloître intérieur et des vestiges de la première salle capitulaire du XIIème siècle habituellement fermés à la visite.

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2 rue de l'Abbaye, 88700 Autrey
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The abbey of Autrey was based(established) in 1149 by the cardinal Etienne of Bar, bishop of Metz, in its return of the second crusade. She(It) is of baroque style. In the 16th century, begun(undertaken) restorations(caterings) bring a compromise between Gothic style and Renaissance style. Following the Thirty Years War, the abbey will again be transformed on its ruins and resumed(taken back) by the religious community. In 1791, the property(goods) is sold by the State, the abbey becomes a factory of wireworks activity of which will cease in 1858\. Small Seminary(Seminar) then departmental home, the abbey will be listed(classified) in conformance with(for) historic monuments in 1911\. But she(it) undergoes considerable(significant) damages in 1944\. Works of reconstruction continue until our days.
Regular, English-style, curative gardens, of the Virgin Mary, rose garden, wild island, closed of Angels, of the baby Jesus... 15 gardens follow one another among whom(which) each has a history(story). 3500 varieties of vegetables on 4 hectares all around the abbey of Autrey.

Abbaye d'Autrey et ses jardins Abbaye Autrey