Visite guidée de Fortifications de Campagne

Découvrez le saillant de Barst accompagnés de bénévoles qui vous partageront leur passion

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Solange ATGE

About the venue

Route de la ligne Maginot, Barst, 57450
  • Édifice militaire, enceinte urbaine

The memory(souvenir) is the electrical wire(main thread) of this retrospective put forward(advanced) in the salient of Barst, thanks to the mission of protection(saving) and of restoration(catering) of these unique(only) works of the Maginot line Aquatic, very proven during fights of June, 1940\. The voluntary actors who work on salient share their passion and perpetuate the memory of the past suffering.


Saillant de Barst KEUER PATRICK