Chapel of the old(former) castle of Martimprey

Established in 1608, the chapel is registered since 1991 in conformance with(for) historic monuments.

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Robert Baconnier

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Col de Martimpré, 88430 Gerbépal
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Chapel of the old(former) castle of Martimprey, built in 1608 and open to worship(cult) in 1609\. The castle disappeared shortly after Revolution. The chorus(choir) of the chapel trains(forms) the most old(former) narrower and more vaulted, part(party) of ogives. The nave, later, is culminated and drilled of 2 Romance windows. A hall offers its shelter to the believers(regular customers) against wind and rain. The altar in pink sandstone and the retable date of 1695, offered by Jean de Martimprey, priest of Lapoutroie. The chapel saint-Anne de Martimprey is registered on the additional inventory of historic monuments since 1990\. A pilgrimage is held there every year at the end of July.

Chapelle Sainte-Anne Robert Baconnier