Portraits royaux et portraits d'ouvriers du trône

Derrière un roi, il y a souvent des "ouvriers du trône", fidèles au destin parfois mouvementé. Venez découvrir les portraits de ces acteurs de la grande mais aussi de la petite histoire !

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© Laurianne Kieffer ; Musée de la Cour d'Or – Metz Métropole

About the venue

2 rue du Haut Poirier, 57000 Metz
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Installed(Settled) in the historic heart of Metz since 1839, this museum redraws the history(story) of the city and of the messin country of Gallo-Roman antiquity in our days. The visitor discovers to it multidisciplinary collections: archaeology, history(story), architecture and Fine Arts. The ancient bare thermal baths in situ in 1932 serve as executive(frame) at the presentation(display) of the everyday life in Roman Gaul; they are also next(also go alongside) remarkable set(group) of funeral steles and sculpted works. Other strong point, the medieval collections: Merovingian graves, religious sculptor presented in the impressive Attic of Chèvremont. The collection of paintings(paints) offers a panorama of the European schools of Renaissance in the XIXth century s. She(It) favours the big(great) artists native to Metz.

Access: access to the site for the people in wheelchair: entered by 4, street of the high pear tree

Musée de la Cour d'Or - Metz métropole Musée de La Cour d'Or - Metz Métropole