Performance of street art in live by the artist Valer

Return into the universe of the street art and attend the creation of a work in live

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Return into the universe of the street art and attend the creation of a work in live
On Sunday, September 22nd, return into the universe of the street art in the abbey of Prémontrés. From 10 h till 18 h, you will have opportunity to attend the creation of a work in "live ". Realised by the urban artist Valer, this fresco will evolve in the course of the day and take a seat(take place) from next October 12th within the exhibition(exposure) which will be dedicated to it. Ideal event to discover the artist from Nancy in action(share)!

About the venue

9 rue Saint-Martin, 54700 Pont-à-Mousson
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  • Monument historique

The Premonstratensian Abbey, a historic monument of the 18th century, is considered one of the finest examples of monastic architecture in Lorraine. Built between 1705 and 1735, the abbey has a long and eventful history. Formerly monastery of the canons of the order Premonstratensians until the French Revolution, then Small Diocesan Seminary in the nineteenth century, it became a civilian hospital in 1912 and military during the two World Wars. In September 1944, the building was heavily hit by bombing and left in ruins for almost 20 years. Thanks to the commitment of some fervent heritage advocates, the monument was saved from destruction and restored in its entirety by the end of the 1950s. The only part that was not touched, the choir, was the subject of a major restoration project from 2014 to 2019, bringing back to life a sumptuous baroque decor.

Since 1964, the Abbey has been entirely managed by a 1901 non-profit organization which gives it a new lease of life by transforming it into a Cultural Center, which is now visited by nearly 90,000 visitors a year. Throughout the year, the Premonstratensian Abbey presents a rich and varied cultural program mixing art exhibitions, theater, conferences, thematic events and gastronomic encounters.

Access: 2 free car parks at the front and rear of the monument, near the city center and the Pont-à-Mousson train station, accessible from the A31.

Abbaye des Prémontrés Abbaye des Prémontrés © Julien Pontarolo