Oil mill of Ainvelle

Guided tours of the Oil mill and of the archaeological museum Roye Demange " of Ainvelle

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Place de la Mairie, 88320 Ainvelle
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The installation of this "mill with merry-go-round(riding school)" or "mill with blood", dates the end of the 18th probably or at the beginning of the 19th century. The mill belonged by 1830 to MR LEMOLT, person of private means of Bourmont (Haute-Marne) and owner exploiting(running) a farm in the village. The correction of the main road required the travel(movement) of the oil mill. It is in 1917 when MARCELIN MARADAN, cheesemaker in Ainvelle comes purchaser of the oil mill, which he will exploit(run) for a few years. The work of the cruet was remunerated by a percentage of oil 3l for 100 l of oil and the sale of cakes as animal feed. The use(custom) of the mill will decline, up to its closure(lock) in 1930\. After a long period of inactivity, it is from the electrification of the village that the oil mill resumes(takes back) its functions(offices), illegally first from 1943 till 1945 (to overcome deficiencies in consecutive fats requisitions due to the German occupation) and then officially, until 1953.
Two sites Gallo-Roman were discovered in Ainvelle, a site in 1985 and partly searched, the Gallo-Roman villa of Ainvelle " La Roye Demange ", the other site was discovered in 2004.

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