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Musée Européen de la Bière de Stenay
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About the venue

17 rue du Moulin, 55700 Stenay
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Located between the Fortified castle of Sedan and the Sites of Reports of Verdun, the Museum of the Beer of Stenay redraws all art history and brewing traditions, of origins (-12 000 years) in our days, with more than 2 500 m ² of exhibition(exposure). Its collection of 50 000 works allows him(her) to propose a didactic and play route(course) stimulating as well view(sight) as taste, sense of smell, touch or hearing. The visit of the Museum ends in the Tavern, place of sale of local products and of tasting with a wide choice(selection) of industrial and craft(home-made) beers of high, low and spontaneous fermentation.

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