The Hyphen: Exhibition(Exposure) of paintings(paints) «transformations of Ovide» from M.THOMAS, Castle of Montbras

Discover an exhibition(exposure) of paintings(boards) taken(brought) out of the Castle of Montbras

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The Castle of Montbras presents paintings(paints) illustrating transformations of Ovide on the vault of its lounge(show) of splendour (Ceiling and paintings(paints) are classified as "Historic Monuments"(Monument")). These paintings(paints), the author of which is not known, are borrowed from «The Transformation of represented Ovide», famous work of Jean de Tournes appeared in Lyons in 1557, and illustrated by Bernard Salomon. The remaining paintings(boards) are regrettably very harmed, but they manifest the concern(marigold) of Claude de Verrières and Louise des Salles, wealthy(fortunate) and cultivated noblemen of this beginning of the baroque Age, limited partners of this castle to have their mythological cycle (as then in the ducal Palace in Nancy). Mr Thomas, the current owner of the Castle, made realise to Mr Louis Fouquet (who(which) manages the Club of painting(paint) of Vaucouleurs) re-interpreted paintings(boards) resuming(taking back) the themes of thirty mythological paintings(paints). Exhibition(Exposure) presented to the Hyphen gathers(collects) about twenty these paintings(boards). Every picture(board) contains a legend in old French.

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