The abbey of Moyenmoutier, Saint Odile: the pilgrimage of Malfosse

At the beginning of visit in the abbey of Moyenmoutier, ride sharing and continuation(suite) of visit in the Cross of Malfosse

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About the venue

2 Rue des Aiguisettes, 88420 Moyenmoutier
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Based(Established) in 671 by saint Hydulphe, this monastery sheltered one of the first schools of grammar of Europe then the learnt elite of order Benedictine in the Academy(Regional education authority) of Moyenmoutier and a very rich library(bookcase). Very beautiful baroque church, the abbey church impresses by its dimensions(size) and its furniture, especially the organ and the exceptional set(group) of stalls sculpted of the XVIth century. Its recently renovated gardens offer a new look on this majestic abbey and invite to appreciate(estimate) the serenity of places.

Access: free

Abbaye de Moyenmoutier Catherine Thery