La domus de la Fontainotte

Conférence de Michiel Gazenbeek, archéologue à l'Inrap

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La Domus de la Fontainotte

Conférence de Michiel Gazenbeek, archéologue à l'Inrap

À l’occasion de la publication des fouilles menées dans la domus de la Fontainotte, Michiel Gazenbeek - archéologue à l’Institut national des recherches archéologiques préventives - dressera un panorama complet des découvertes réalisées sur site ainsi que des objets mis au jour dans cette riche demeure occupée du Ier au IIe siècles de notre ère.

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4 rue de la mosaïque, 88350 Grand
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Away from highways, on a limestone covered with forests, Big(Great) offer to the visitors a page of unexpected history(story). This city, huge, with regard to the small current village, developed with the arrival of Romain around prestigious monuments the scale of which does not cease surprising the visitor. One of the biggest(greatest) amphitheatres(lecture halls) of the Gaul: Implanted along the way which leads in the centre of the town(conglomeration), this reached(affected) monument 148m at the level of its big(great) axis and could welcome 16 - 17 000 audience. A mosaic of exception: Discovered in 1883, this mosaic of 232 m2, one of the largest of the Roman Empire, laid with cobblestones the ground of a building(ship) with apse first interpreted as a basilica, building where the justice in Antiquity was returned.

Access: Parking lots close to welcome areas (ampithéâtre and mosaic)

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