Lorraine Folk group

Exhibition(Exposure) "Suits(Costumes) traditional - Previous Suits(Costumes)"

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Groupe Folklorique Lorrain

Presentation(Display) of the rooms(parts,plays) of suits(costumes), grown-up workshops(studios) and workshops(studios) nonstop children in the stand(pit).

About the venue

1 place d'armes, 57000 Metz
  • Lieu de pouvoir, édifice judiciaire
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  • Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire
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  • Monument historique

Building of the end of the XVIIIth century s. Stone neoclassical style of Jaumont. Sculptures of JC ROLLIER on the facade. The Town hall is built between 1769 and 1771 as part of the arrangement(development) of the place(square) of Weapons by Blondel. He(It) replaces the palace of Thirteen, where was before exercised local power. He(It) is spread(widened) by an additional wing between 1785 and 1788 and establishes(constitutes) therefore the biggest(greatest) building(ship) of the place(square). Nine arcades and two foreparts topped with front walls(pediments) gives rhythm to his(her,its) facade 92 metres long. Before Revolution, the latter(these last) were adorned, respectively, with weapons of the king of France and of the City. On the facade, under registration(inscription) "Town hall", they still distinguish, engraved in the stone, the name of the place(square) in revolutionary time(period): "place(square) of Law".

Hôtel de Ville Rodolphe Lebois