Discovery of the heritage of the Country of Albe

Discover the unique heritage of our city and its surroundings.

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Cercle des Amis du Pays d'Albe

About the venue

40 rue Clemenceau, 57430 Sarralbe
  • Musée, salle d'exposition

Located in the "House of the Heads", building dated 1737, the museum retains elements of local industrial, artisanal, religious and military heritage. A large documentary collection is also available.
- Crafts: Discover all the know-how of the crafts and trades: bleaching on meadow, founders of copper or tin, nails as well as the activity of braiding panama hats.
- The Maginot Aquatic Line: Our region, frontier land, was very marked by the Second World War. This historical heritage has left many remains, a number of which is preserved in the museum. Two rooms of the museum describe the progress of the installation of the defensive line and the fighting.
- Industrial heritage: Sarralbe has a very rich basement where clay was used to make tiles and salt. The industrial activity related to salt will mark the landscape until the second half of the 20th century. Its truly industrial exploitation starts with the great Solvay welding machine.
- The rural world: in an economy of subsistence and life in self-sufficiency, the common tools used by our ancestors illustrate hard work and are as many treasures that these women and men have been able to preserve and maintain.
- Religious heritage: discover the evolution of religious life through the Chapel of the Mountain, the Church of St. Pancras, the first church of St. Martin and the "cathedral" of the Saar.

Musée des amis du pays d'Albe et de la ligne Maginot aquatique Cogiprint Dannelbourg