The wall paintings(paints) of the church Saint Martin

Guided tour by the church of Sillegny

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You are invited to discover the real treasure of the church holy Martin de Sillegny: wall paintings(paints) executed in the tempera, dating of 1540! In a time(period) which is unknown to us, they were covered with a whitewash. It is only in 1845 only, during a scratching in the apse, they were discovered and updates by the abbot Schnabel, priest of the parish from 1840 till 1891. It was the messin Malardot painter who was in charge of restoring them. Works lasted 20 years. From January, 2002 till December, 2004 paintings(paints) were totally cleaned.

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Place de l’Église, 57420 Sillegny
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The church holy Martin de Sillegny is of style Flamboyant Gothic. She(It) keeps(preserves) wall paintings(paints) dating of 1540, rediscovered in 1845 by the abbot Schnabel. Their restoration(catering) lasted 20 years. On May 9th, 1881 the church was registered on the inventory of historic monuments.

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