Fashion and its accessories

Exhibition(Exposure) of original creations of high - craft(home-made) sewing

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The villaroise Idalina Moulin fashion designer answers à la carte white left by the Party(Holiday) of Grape harvests, and proposes a called exhibition(exposure) "fashion and its accessories". This exhibition(exposure) will gather(collect) around dress creations of Idalina Moulin, rooms(parts,plays) and accessories of other milliners, any craftsmen(architects) of the sector(network) of the jobs(businesses) by art, having, in that capacity, developed a know-how of excellence. Idalina Moulin is " exclusive creator ", member of the Workshops(Studios) of Art of France herself(itself). Are invited (subject to modification):

  • Idalina Creations, milliner
  • Alexandre Bianchi, Bianchi factories, jeweller and watchmaker
  • Sofimilli, milliner
  • Lapie de Lunéville high school, embroiderer
  • Marie swank, glass designer
  • Botterie hand Hacquin, bootmaker
  • Ursidé, work of the leather
  • Camille Zannier, craftsman Demonstrations will be proposed all weekend by these creative craftsmen.

About the venue

27 rue Albert 1er, 54600 Villers-lès-Nancy
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  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

At the origin of the castle, small houses of village were bought and gathered(combined) by Dominique Constant, cook of the duchess of Lorraine and father of Raymond Constant, painter of the churches of Nancy. The Collonet family, related to Callot from whom(which) madam de Graffigny comes (she(it) is the back small niece of the engraver) was also holder of the domain. By 1712, François Huguet de Graffigny will be at the origin of the castle and of the park of which the famous agronomist Charles-Alexandre Mathieu of Dombasle took care.
The castle was re - conditioned in 1865, then between 1906 and 1925 by Eleanor Corbin with whom arrangements(developments) still mark walls. Property was sold in June l928 to the Grouping of the catholic students managed by the Jesuits which will be possessing it until 1985\. The building is property of the City today.
From 1989 till 1992, the municipality restores the castle from top to bottom. Money grounds were done up in gallery inaugurated in June, 2006\. A new programme of renovation of the castle was thrown(launched) in 2015, and allowed to rehabilitate the lounge(show) of splendour in room of marriages. In 2016, the castle benefited from the renovation of the lounge(show) rotunda, today adorned with a signed fresco Moya. One of his(her,its) facades was also highlit to raise(enhance) his(her,its) elegance at night.

Galerie Madame de Graffigny DR