Discovery of the natural heritage and botany of Lorraine

The natural heritage establishes(constitutes) an often misread(underestimated) wealth; come (Re) discover across the exceptional site of the garden of Adoué.

Jardin d'Adoué

This small piece of coteau Lorraine very sunny, arisen from a passion conjugated for plants and nature which welcomes them, was transformed and expanded over time to reach(affect) maturity her almost in 20 years of researches(searches), plantations, enjoyments and seldom disappointed hopes. Trees and standing shrubs begin to show their power; bloomings and flavours(perfumes), autumn colours and barks which show themselves almost all year long as the seasons go by, surprise eyes and sense of smell as much as them flatter(pat) it.
Free free visit from 14 h till 18 h. Guided tours in the 3-euro price list(3-euro rate) for groups of 25 people minimum.

About the venue

8 chemin du Rupt d'Adoué, 54690 Lay-Saint-Christophe
  • Espace naturel, parc, jardin

This garden was born in Lorraine of a passion between a country(soil) and a gardener(window box): the strong and charming character of the one and of other one gave birth(rise) to an environmental space of about a hectare registered naturally and without clashes in its environment, rich of about 2 000 all types of vegetables always adapted to the rough and contrasting climate of this beautiful continental region. Several ponds and a rose garden, numerous trees and often misread(underestimated) remarkable shrubs, rich and lavish massifs of enduring plants establish(constitute) a consistent set(group) widely opened on the surrounding countryside. Need for watering nor for pesticides, the nature here resumed(took back) its rights!

Jardin d'Adoué Monique Chevry