The Observatory

Discover this device designed,to guide the public in its discovery of the project of rehabilitation and the following of its proceedings

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© Guy Rebmeister, CIAV

Established(Constituted) by 3 containers stacked(superimposed) and put down(deposited) in the centre of the site, the Monitoring centre(Observatory) will offer a fantastic view over transformations to come. This device(plan), in free access, results from the will of the actors of the glass site to share with the public stakes which gave birth(rise) to the programme of rehabilitation of the site, the architectural project developed by the toilets(offices) of architecture So-Il and Freaks, as well as the organisation of the construction site(work), which will deeply mark the life of the glass site for coming 3 years.

About the venue

place Robert Schuman, 57960 Meisenthal
  • Édifice industriel, scientifique et technique
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  • Lieu de spectacles, sports et loisirs
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  • Musée, salle d'exposition
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  • Musée de France

The glass factory(glass-making) of Meisenthal (1711-1969) today redeployed, crosses labour memory and contemporary art expressions. She(It) offers a collection to the discovery "art nouveau ", of concerts of current musics, shows of street theatre and of exhibitions(exposures) of contemporary art.

Access: Parking lot place(square) Emile Gallé close to the glass site

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