Conference in the abbey Saint-Peter of Etival

The use(custom) of the organ presented by a diaporama and accompanied in the organ.

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About the venue

Abbaye, 88480 Etival-Clairefontaine
  • Monument historique
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  • Édifice religieux

The abbey St-Pierre would go back up(raise) to the VIIth century. By 1147, prémontrés monks settle down there. From 1512, they develop the printing. They leave Etival definitely in 1792\. The church is a Romanic building with collateral and transept. The nave dates vicinity of 1200\. The coverage(cover) and capitals(big tops) are close to Gothic. The chorus(choir) and the bedhead were altered between 1510 and 1516 as well as the chapels of the transept. In 1726, the architect Nicolas Pierson realises the north main building of the abbey and the classic facade of the abbey church.

Abbaye Saint-Pierre d'Etival Association du Pays des Abbayes