Conference "Richelieu and the of Lorraine nobility" by Quentin Muller

Discover the nobiliary offensive of Richelieu in Lorraine (1632-1642) in Châtel-sur-Moselle.

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Discover the nobiliary offensive of Richelieu in Lorraine (1632-1642) in Châtel-sur-Moselle.
In the attack of the Lorraine!
When France pervades the duchies of Lorraine and of Bar as part of the Thirty Years War, Louis XIII and Richelieu pursue a policy to condemn the recalcitrant Lorraine noblemen to join the king of France.
Conference will be a chance to study penalties pronounced contrary to these noblemen(noblewomen), worth knowing(namely) the confiscation of their property(goods) and the destruction of a part(party) of the castles of the region. Richelieu's real role in these laborers(operations) will be also updated. The cardinal sees himself sometimes attributing the numerous troubles of the Lorraine in 1630s.
This presentation will allow to put forward(advance) the importance of the context and of the multiplicity of the actors, to update a part(party) of the rich history(story) of heritage Lorraine castral.
Lecturer: QUENTIN MULLER, student in Master's degree of Research(Search) in history(story) at the University of Lorraine.

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8 rue des Capucins, 88330 Châtel-sur-Moselle
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The fortress of counts de Vaudémont was built from 1072\. A first castle, a manorial hotel, extensions with tours(towers,ballots), ramparts, tunnels, will be built in the course of the centuries, making of the site one of the most important medieval military whole Europe. A part(party) of the fortress is listed(classified) in conformance with(for) historic monuments since 1988.

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