Conference "Party(Holiday) and games(sets) to Waidmann"

A ruddy conference, relating ways, sometimes extravagant(eccentric), which used Pierre Waidmann, local artist, to have fun in family!

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Ville de Remiremont

A conference livened up(led) by the Conservative(Curator) of romarimontains museums will present you the photographies of family of the artist Pierre Waidmann (on 1860 - 1937) in situations very more comical they some than others. An opportunity(occasion) to discover all subterfuges which a bourgeois family of the 19th century, in the sense of humour sometimes a bit particular(special), found to kill trouble and to build real moments of family cohesion.

About the venue

1 rue Paul Doumer, 88200 Remiremont
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Installed(Settled) in a house of the XVIIIth century, the museum became, by the will of its legatee, at once a historic museum, where are kept(preserved) numerous memories(souvenirs) of the abbey and the noble chapter which made the publicity of the city and a museum of Fine Arts, containing rich collections of paintings(paints). Photographic credit: City of Remiremont.

Musée Charles de Bruyères Ville de Remiremont