Collegiate Saint-Étienne

Discover an inescapable(major) building of Hombourg

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About the venue

Rue de l'église, 57470 Hombourg-Haut
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The chapter of Hombourg, based(established) in 1254 by Jacques de Lorraine, made build this collegiate, undoubtedly in the plausible location of the old(former) parish church St Nicholas' Day of which the chapel would be the vestige.
The construction, of Gothic style, was begun at the end of the XIIIth century and finished(ended) by 1400\. She(It) burnt in 1632 but escaped the ravages of war of thirty years and of the revolution of 1789\. Symbol of the city, the church was listed(classified) in titles(securities) of historic monuments in 1930\. Built in stones of pink-ochre sandstone.

Collégiale Saint-Etienne Lucien Vion