Guided tour of the historic parts(parties) of the high school

In the discovery of a place of education(teaching) based(established) during Renaissance.

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Visit begins Renaissance in front of the hall before entering into the chapel into Jesuit (1714). After the main courtyard (heart of the old(former) part(party) of the high school), it will be possible to cross courts(yards) by passing in front of(by coming before) the wing built by Oratoriens (1780) and to reach the park which, even today, is a place favoured for the pupils.
On the first floor it will be possible to admire the room of acts, the gallery of tapestries (Aubusson and Flanderses) and to finish by the very beautiful historical library.

About the venue

1 place Stéphane Mallarmé, 07300 Tournon-sur-Rhône
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Renaissance entrance porch, tapestry gallery park (Aubusson and Flanders), historical library (collections of ancient books, educational instruments...), Acts room containing some beautiful works of art, 18th century Jesuit chapel

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