HACKATHON MEMORY in the Castle of Tourlandry

A festive weekend to collect and to share all kinds of information concerning the castle, of the history(story) registered in that of France on that of women and men(people) who tell her(it)

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  • Thème : L'Art du partage

weekend Hackathon MEMORY is based on the crossing of several innovations, in the service(department) of Heritage and of Culture and using the digital technology. It has as objective to make renaitre and to keep(preserve), on the same place, for the restrained deadline(extension) - two days on average - the individual and collective memoirs of the life stories of the men(people) and of the women around a Historical heritage. By digitally converting these narrative memoirs and / or their objects, it is a new visibility and reputation of the territory which appears. So, thanks to the provision of the digital technology, new tourist destinations emerge.
The concerned public are double:

  • Contributing volunteers of report(memory) and d history(story) who come share, tell, put down(deposit) objects or papers in touch with the place.
  • Contributing volunteers of imagination who write or rewrite history(story) and anecdotes to make a new history(story) to be shared; developers which cross these data to redo digital tools, children who illustrate or recreate the place 3D finally of illustrators of very hairs there
    These public cross and find themselves around théme history and owe in 2 days to produce a new return(restoration) from this various collection, such is the tournament to be together raised(found)!
    #intergénérationnel - #inclusionnumérique - #inclusionculturelle - #PartageCulture
    Festive because weekend is lined(marked out) of cultural break and a theatrical closing by a troop of improvisation on stories(trouble) collected by 2 days.
    Free for the contributors
    To Win of prizes by category for every type(chap) of return(restoration)
  • digital price(prize)
  • price(prize) writing
  • price(prize) illustration

About the venue

allée de Maillé - 49120 Chemillé-en-Anjou
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  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

Nested at the heart of the village of Tourlandry to which it will give its name, the castle is surrounded with splendid staves(moats) of the XIth century full still navigable waters. His(Her,Its) history(story) begins with Landricuss Dunensis who(which) is at the origin of the construction of the first tower of the castle and probably staves(moats). Other buildings(ships) will make their appearances over the years as both square Tours(Ballots) which keep(preserve) feet in the water of staves(moats), connected(bound) in their centre by a long building(ship) who has the root around 1600 and is going to evolve and expands until 1808\. Behind the heavy doors of the castle (in front of the current bridge(deck) which was drawbridge) the central building(ship) built in 1856 on the ruins of the old(former) fortified castle, in listed(classified) archaeological zone hides from now on which has not revealed all its secrets yet. In the middle of the second empire, Napoleon III made some passages on the meeting of the owner to which he will offer orange trees and picture(board) today visible(obvious) in the church of the just village by his/her side. In the centre of the square of staves(moats) a pigeon house is also which undergoes the torments of the time(weather) the date of construction of which still remains to define exactly. A statue of Cathelineau (first commander in chief of the catholic and royal Army of the wars of Vendée) was dated by the author of 1866, wait under the vault of entrance(entry) that they come to meet him/her. It is a castle which knew many evolutions over the years of XIEME century about the second empire and that begins(affects) a long way of restoration(catering).

Access: Train TGV(HST) parks Angers + TER CHEMILLÉ or taken(brought) out A87 Chemillé

Chateau de la Tourlandry @chateaudelatourlandry