Visit commented by double exhibition(exposure) "A dictator in images - Photographies of Heinrich Hoffmann" and "Looks on ghettoes"

The first section(shutter) devoted to the portraits of Hitler realised by Hoffmann, official photographer, deconstructs the device(plan) of propaganda. The second section(shutter) presents photographi

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Mairie de Montpellier

It is in the documentary image that the Popular Detached house(Flag) suggests being interested for year 2018. The documentary image, sometimes imprinted brute of facts, sometimes amputation, deformation(distortion) and reconstruction of the real, must always be analysed. Without the work of the historian on past - documentation, put back(handed) in context, explicitation and transmission - how to invent a honest opinion on present? How to choose a future, individual or collective? A dictator in images and Looks on ghettoes show two manners to arrest the photographic medium: the image of Führer built by the Nazi regime, then the real situation of the Jews at the heart of ghettoes, this second corpus of photographies acting(behaving) as revelation of the devastation which the first one contributed to generate. Placed under the commissionership of Alain Sayag and the artistic direction of Giles Mora, with the cooperation of the Memorial of Shoah, this exhibition(exposure) has a double objective. The first section(shutter) devoted to the photographies of Heinrich Hoffmann, official photographer of Adolf Hitler, deconstructs the device(plan) of propaganda implemented by the Nazi administration in Germany de1933 in 1945. Showing that the face(figure) of Hitler could be staged to impose upon the whole people, he(it) calls back(reminds) that the photographies of the dictator, shown as archive documents in history books, were conceived(designed) and must be arrested as tools of propaganda. The second section(shutter), proposed by the Memorial of Shoah, presents several series of photographies of the ghettoes of Poland and Lithuania. Taken by unknowns - soldiers, state employees or captives of ghettoes - these images "without filter" raise(draw up) an icy(frosty) report of reality, illustrating in an almost clinical way one of the most sordid results(profits) of propaganda exhibition(exposure) of which, in a first place, showed springs(competences).

About the venue

Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, 34000 Montpellier
  • Musée, salle d'exposition

The popular Detached house(Flag), built in 1891 by Leopold Carlier (1839-1922) on the esplanade Charles de Gaulle, sheltered the Circle of the students of the university then the associations of the city before becoming at the end of 1990s a place of exhibition(exposure) devoted to photographic art.

Access: Streetcar: Lines 1 and 2, Stop(Ruling): Comedy / Parking lot Comedy.