Exhibition(Exposure) "you thought barbarians?"

Archaeology of Merovingian times(weathers) in Normandy, Vth - VIIIth centuries

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The new exhibition(exposure)-event of the museum of Normandy invites us in a journey in time(weather) on the meeting of the Merovingians. More than 900 objects, mostly unpublished, illustrate the 4 centuries of our history(story) of Ve there in the middle of the VIIIth century. December 31st 406. Troops of armed barbarians cross(exceed) the Rhine taken by ices(mirrors,ice creams) and penetrate in Gaul. History(Story) held(retained) this date as the starting point of what was called for a long time " the big(great) invasions " which were accused of having precipitated the fall of Rome. Who are the barbarians with whom the installation in Gaul marks the end of the Roman antiquity and the medieval beginning? Does their installation in Gaul really mark the beginning with a dark age or on the contrary does it inaugurate a new age, fruit of the mixture between cultures? Archaeology allows today to understand better and to illustrate process and actors who assured(insured) transition between Roman world and Middle Ages. Most objects presented in exhibition(exposure) come from excavations(searches) led in Normandy from(since) the beginning of the xixe century till recently.

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Le Château, 14000 Caen
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Museum of history(story) and of company(society), rich in important archaeological and ethnographic collections, the Museum of Normandy presents a panorama of the life of populations on the territory of all Normandy, of prehistory in big(great) migrations of high Middle Ages, transfers(transformations) of the countryside up to the first upheavals of the industrial company(society).