Guided tour of the castle of Sandaucourt

Visit of a small castle Renaissance charming height with its four round towers

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Marie-Claude COGNET

visit takes place at the ground floor: entrance(entry), music lounge(show), office(desk), playroom(gaming room), brings to room temperature The chapel with its beautiful monolithic columns present a museum of the sacerdotal clothes which call back(remind) the pomps of ceremonies celebrated before Vatican City II.

About the venue

1 rue du château, 88170 Sandaucourt
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  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

Pleasure castle of the beginning of Renaissance with four round turrets of defence and of pieces of ordnance by protecting access. Updated after the war by Thirty Years: filling of staves(moats), enlargement of windows, creation of a new staircase and two symmetrical detached houses(flags)... The chapel with its monolithic columns presents a museum of the sacerdotal clothes.

Château de Sandaucourt Marie-Claude COGNET