Visit of the Old(Former) Court

Come discover the old(former) chapel of the convent of the ladies Augustines become later court of the city

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  • Thème : L'Art du partage

About the venue

place Jeanne d'Arc, 88300 Neufchâteau
  • Lieu de pouvoir, édifice judiciaire
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  • Édifice religieux
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  • Monument historique

In 1639, nuns of the congregation Notre-Dame, an order based(established) in 1597 by Pierre harbinger and Alix L clerk, leave Epinal to come settle down in Neufchâteau. Having become established in several houses of the street Verdunoise and obtained the confirmation of the foundation of their establishment in 1645, by letters patent of the duke Charles IV, they transfer the convent, undoubtedly at the end of the XVIIth century in the current place, between the place(square) Jeanne d'Arc and the street of the Comedy.
The Chapel of the "ladies Augustines", as they were named(appointed) in Neufchâteau, and very indeed all the buildings(ships) were built between 1760 and 1762, establishing(constituting) in 1790 “the more beautiful monastery of the city”. After Revolution, different allocations(appointments), at the origin of his(her,its) protection(saving), are nonetheless going to pull(entail) many internal transformations without denaturing his(her,its) external speed(look). In turn, the convent is transformed into gendarmerie, house of correction, court, etc. The old(former) small-claims court of Neufchâteau, as well as the music school between local councils and the room of the Comedy (the cinema La Scala), join this large all the buildings(ships) of the convent of the congregation Notre-Dame. The room of court is worth the bend to her alone with the old(former) stalls in oak of the XVIIIth century reused and its ceiling with softenings, decorated with plant motives in stucco.

Ancienne chapelle du couvent des Dames Augustines - Ancien Tribunal OTOV