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"On the way ": Exhibition(Exposure) of VÉRONIQUE GOETZMANN and CHRISTINE WERLHEN-MATHIS

  • Atelier / Démonstration / Savoir-faire
  • Gratuit
  • Thème : L'Art du partage
© Véronique GOETZMANN

chance offered them a meeting, an entrance(entry) to "materials("subjects) « and to "colours". Since then, if each pursues its road, their paths(ways) cross, cause(provoke) echoes, echos and tell numerous stories. VÉRONIQUE GOETZMANN over wants exploring, creating, playing with materials(subjects), colours, lines. His(Her,Its) support(medium), the paper, under all its forms. It feeds on silence and leans on the random(unpredictable) to manufacture little by little its works, internal landscapes, to the liking of felt it. Since CHRISTINE MATHIS-WEHRLEN discovered the watercolour, the latter(this last) does not cease evolving towards a purge, a lightness(thoughtlessness) and aims towards abstraction. What pleases Christine, it is to leave pigments to travel in the water, to accept the unexpected and surprises to create suggested, evocative landscapes of atmosphere and giving way to dream.

About the venue

25, rue Gouvion Saint-Cyr, TOUL
  • Musée de France
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Since 1985, the art museum and museum of history(story) of Toul is installed(settled) in the old(former) House-God foundation of which goes back up(raises) to the Xth century. A part(party) of the fund(collection) is exposed(explained) in the old(former) chapel of the Sick, built in the XIIIth century and of Gothic style. The House-God was listed(classified) in conformance with(for) historic monuments in 1980\. The museum keeps(preserves) paintings(paints), tapestries, earthenwares and archaeological rooms(parts,plays) of the Prehistory in contemporary time(period).

Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de la Ville de Toul Ville de Toul, 2017