The strength of the water

The power of the water in the confluence of Amezule and of the Meurthe evoked across the old(former) mill with water and the new élétrique hydraulic power plant.

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About the venue

Chemin du Moulin Noir, 54690 Lay-Saint-Christophe
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The village of Lay-Saint-Christophe is built on a coteau overhanging the river Amezule, the minor affluent of the Meurthe. The Black Mill dates the XVIIIth century and the said footbridge «of the black Mill» span the Meurthe. The old(former) mill served to fabricate not only the black of smoke but also of some flours and of some oil. It was also a place importing the liberation of the villages of the Right Bank of the Meurthe in 1945\. It is near(about) this place that the hydroelectrical power plant was implanted in 2017\.

Access: In The confluence of the Meurthe and of Amezule. The parking lot is near(about) the green way before the footbridge.