Demonstration of washing in old(former)

Demonstration of washing in old(former) in the wash house of Jametz with the cooperation of the old men Métiers d' Azannes

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  • Thème : L'Art du partage
Michel Laurent- La Lorraine gaumaise

Jametz of schemers mounds! This is what you will discover by arriving. Imagine then in this place an imposing fortress surrounded with walls extending around the city. Property of the Princes of Sedan built in 1456, for a long time Protestant refuge, it resisted two years, until 1589, in the office of 9000 men(people) led(driven) by Charles III. Castle and fortifications disappeared by 1672, on order of Louis XIV. These glorious decades, it stays in the cemetery, the chapel Notre-Dame-Du-Mont dating of 1560. From the remaining stony mass of the old(former) fortress arose of beautiful houses of the XVIII and XIXth centuries richly adorned with mouldings. Jametz at the foot of mounds the lapping of the water of the wash house in impluvium nicely restored does not resound more than.

About the venue

55600 Jametz
  • Édifice religieux
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  • Édifice rural

A wash house is a pond fed with water generally by natural origin which has as vocation first to allow to rinse the linen having washed it. The wash house in impluvium has as feature to present blind facades, lighted(enlightened) by a zénithale opening, avoiding air currents in wagtails. But above all(before any), the roofing of the impluvium allows to pick(get) the rainwater up. That of Jametz is in double(copy) impluvium and is restored.

Lavoir à impluvium OT Montmédy