Medieval camping on the site of Libdeau

A family of craftsmen(architects) comes instal(settle) its camping and presents its industry of the XVth century.

  • Atelier / Démonstration / Savoir-faire
  • Gratuit
  • Thème : L'Art du partage
Photo Mustela Fornax

Mustella Fornax and the family instal(settles) the camping: tent of life, cooking(kitchen) in the wood fire, etc. and his(her,its) ambulant workshop(studio) under painting(cloth). The craftsman works on a smithy, a faithful a copy realised from a historic representation. His present partner of activities of weaving of cords and ribbons(tapes) and proposes to the children the realisation of pottery of earth(ground). You will enter directly the atmosphere of the XVth century.

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About the venue

D 611 - 54200 Toul
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The chapel of Libdeau is the only chapel of commanderie of Lorraine having kept(guarded) the largest part of its structure of origin and especially its vaults in ogive. Its architecture, dated the XIIIth century, is located in the transition of Lorraine novel and of Gothic and present of leaving discreet signs to think that she could take advantage of the closeness of the construction site(work) of the cathedral of Toul. Its rosette especially gives him(her,it) noble speed(look). The chapel is registered in conformance with(for) historic monuments since 1995\.

Access: Automobile. GPS address and phone number Degree of latitude: 48.714346 ¦ Degree of longitude: 5.918458

Chapelle de Libdeau Photo Yolande GUERBER