Commented visit "Let us share together the passion of the authentic"

Visit commented by an atlier who(which) works Parisian for CMN, the National Furniture, Drac and diverse buildings of the Centre region and. Illustration via a diaporama on interventions.


Presentation(Display) of different techniques of restoration/preservation(catering), with public awareness on the choices(selections) of different techniques used in form of diaporama according to diverse services(performances) and current(in class) projects. In particular interventions on furniture in the castle of Azay-le-Rideau, of Chaumont, in the cathedral holy Gatien of Tours(Ballots,Towers), in Bourges, in Blois, in the church holy Julien-le-Pauvre (Iconostase), in the embassy of France in Warsaw, in the ministry of business(affairs) foreigner and in Parisian apartments

About the venue

29 quai Albert-Baillet 37270 Montlouis-sur-Loire
  • Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire

Restoration workshop of furniture of the XVIIIth century working at the Centre of the national monuments, the National Furniture, DRAC.

Access: D751 Bords of the Loire in 15 km in Amboise and in Tours(Towers), Parking lot edges of the Loire close by.

Atelier de restauration - Conservation de mobiliers anciens Atelier