Circuit «On the tracks of Joseph Fourier and of the brothers Champollion» at the heart of Grenoble.

Stroll with the association " Patrimoine et Développement " and Mr Pierre Blanc, to walk(work) on the steps of the scholar and prefect Fourier and brothers Champollion to the historic heart of the cit

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With The association «Heritage and Development of Big(Great) Grenoble» and Mr Pierre Blanc, you will be able to walk(work) on the steps of the scholar and prefect Joseph Fourier as well as brothers Jean-François and Jacques-Joseph Champollion in the historic heart of the City. Departure in front of the Hotel Amat (1500/1510 - 10,) street Chenoise, and patrimonial circuit in the places where these famous characters from Grenoble lived. The route(course) crosses between others them Street Renauldon, (Charles Renauldon, on 1757-1824, lawyer(avocado), legal adviser, local officer of Grenoble, Baron of empire, mayor of Grenoble between 1800 and 1815), Place(Square) holy André (of St André, the 1st century, adherent, martyr), Street Lafayette (Gilbert Motier, marquess of Lafayette, 1757-1834, husband of the countess of Noailles, fought(disputed) in the United States, passed to Grenoble), the Place(Square) saint Claire (who(which) owes the name to nuns' convent of saint Claire based(established) in the street Ste Claire in 1649 and demolished(destroyed) in 1818), near(about) Street Brocherie (the name results(comes) from the old(former) family of Bücher, public prosecutor to the Parliament of Grenoble, maybe it also had brochiers traders there), then on the Place(Square) Notre-Dame (where the eponym cathedral was built by Charlemagne in the vicinity of 777).. Grenoble, its stones, its soul.. . and his(her,its) celebrities which shared their researches(searches) and their discoveries in Europe and in world!

About the venue

10, rue Chenoise, 38000 Grenoble, Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

Hotel builds by 1500-1510 presenting on its facade of two-light frames decorated with moldings and access of which in the courtyard becomes by a passage vaulted on crossings of ogives resting(basing) on bottoms of lamp in ridiculous shape. A polygonal turret of staircase winding around a landing harms(serves) floors and galleries which join the back building(ship). Modifications made in the XVIIth century, remarkable decorated ceiling.

Access: Streetcar B: stop(ruling) Notre-Dame Museum.

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