Discovery of the monumental work of Guillaume Bottazzi

6 paintings(boards) of the French artist Guillaume Bottazzi of 6 m x 6 m to see at the foot of the tower D2, in the district of The Defense

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  • Opération : Journées du 1% artistique ( du 18 au 22 septembre )

The painter Guillaume Bottazzi realised at the end of 2015 a painting(paint) 216 m ² in form of 6 paintings(boards) of 6 metres by 6 metres at the foot of the tower D2, in Paris-La-Défense. This monumental work is coloured and defecated. Forms are so light as they seem to release themselves from rules(rulers) of heaviness. This innovative and peculiar abstract painting(paint) is paradoxically realised with techniques used for the 16th century. This dichotomy gives an impression(printing) of strangeness. Also(So), work is intended(designed) to bring us of well-being and to give us pleasure. In knowledge more

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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About the venue

Parvis de La Défense, Passerelle Alsace 92400 Courbevoie
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  • Musée, salle d'exposition

La Passerelle Alsace est un accès piéton qui fait le lien entre le parvis de La Défense et la ville de Courbevoie