Workshop(Studio) " Si j' étais Renoir..."

For the budding(in the blade) artists

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Another Renoir

This exhibition(exposure) accompanied the opening to the public June 3rd, 2017, of the house having belonged to Pierre-Augustus Renoir in Essoyes. Consisting works of about fifty existent predominantly from French public collections, collision(hanging) proposes a review(proofreading) of the career(quarry) of one of the major French artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. A thematic route(course) questions the myth which built itself around Renoir and suggests rediscovering its work through not very known subjects, such the painting(paint) of still life, the influence of Essoyes on its painting(paint) or else its sculpted work. In connection with theme "Youth and Heritage", the workshop(studio) " Si j' étais Renoir " is opened last time during this weekend. Easels, pencils, colour, flowers or fruits are proposed. strike pose and be allowed be crisp between friends or in family. Enjoy drawing Renoir's favorite subjects.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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"Nature morte" d'Auguste Renoir - Photographie : Petit Palais

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14 place Saint-Pierre, 10000 Troyes
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The modern art museum was created following donation in 1976, big(great) collectors, Pierre and Denise Lévy, Trojan industrialists of the textile(textile industry). Installed(Settled) in the old(former) episcopal palace (16th and 17th centuries) in 1982, the collection illustrates someone big moments with art in France since environment(middle) from the 19th century to 1960s. She(It) understands(includes) paintings(cloths) of Honoré Daumier, Gustave Courbet, of works of Nabis as Edward Vuillard or Pierre Bonnard, the exceptional whole Fawn movement: André Derain, Georges Braque, Maurice Vlaminck, Othon Friesz or else the School of Paris represented by Chaïm Soutine or Amedeo Modigliani Derain dominates this set(group) with about 80 paintings(cloths). Other big(great) signatures, Henry Matisse, Raul Dufy, Robert Delaunay, Nicolas de Staël, Balthus, Georges Rouault supplement this panorama of the French painting(paint) of the first half of the 20th century. The sculpture is represented well with Edgar Degas, Aristide Maillol or else Joseph Czaky, Ossip Zadkine, Charles Despiau, unique(only) bronze set(group) of Derain without forgetting Picasso and his famous Madman (1905), for whom the poet Max Jacob rested(posed). Art deco glass factories(glass-making) of Maurice Marinot, glass factories(glass-making) (more than 140 rooms(parts,plays) from 1912 till 1937) which train(form) to a collection of exception themselves, reveal the completely innovative work of this artist of Trojan origin and friend of donors. Some ceramics of Emile Lenoble, André Metthey, or of the workshop(studio) of Madoura-Vallauris are added to it. The primitive(initial) art, certain rooms(parts,plays) of which belonged to artists such Derain or to big(great) amateur traders (Ambroise Vollard, Félix Fénéon, Paul Guillaume) gives a perspective, wanted by the donors, on relations between modern art and Africain art.

Musée d’Art moderne Crédit photo : Ville de Troyes