Visit free of the academic Company(Society) of the Aube(Dawn)

Discovery of the Room of sessions and of the library(bookcase)

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Pavillon Audiffred - Photographie : Société académique de l'Aube

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1 rue Chrestien de 10000 Troyes, 10000 Troyes
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Detached house(Flag) establishing(constituting) the wing is of the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology, Natural history museum, which was built at the end of the XIXth century to extend this museum and to serve as seat(siege) in the academic Company(Society) of the Aube(Dawn). He bears the name of his donor: François-Joseph Audiffred. The premises of academic the company are east of this wing and contain, in particular, the Room of sessions, at the ground floor and the library(bookcase), on the 1st floor, which will be open to visit.

Access: Entered by the garden of the Museum of Fine Arts and of Archaeology, Muséeum d' Histoire naturelle being street of the City(Estate), facing portal(gate) the North of the cathedral.

Société Académique de l’Aube Crédit photo : Jean-Louis Humbert