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Rich building the south portal(gate) of which is a masterpiece of French Renaissance

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Besides its architecture, witness(baton) of the reconstruction which followed the big(great) fire of 1524, the building receives(holds) one of the most important collections of sculptures of the city among which several works of the master(teacher) de Chaource.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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Vue intérieure de l'église Saint-Nicolas - Photographie : Animation du patrimoine, Ville de Troyes

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Rue Marie-Pascale Ragueneau, 10000 Troyes
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This church, in the past leant on the surrounding wall(speaker) of the city, was mentioned from the end of the XIIth century s. and restored further to the fire of the city in 1524\. Its south portal(gate), manifesting French Renaissance, is attributed(awarded) to Dominique Florentin. The amazing chapel of the Ordeal(Calvary) was established in the XVIth century s.

Église Saint-Nicolas Adrien Clergeot, Ville de Troyes