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Dated the 17th century

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Erigée between 1641 and 1664, the chapel contains a painting(cloth) of Pierre Mignard.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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Chapelle de la Visitation - Photographie : Carole Bell, Ville de Troyes

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75 rue André Beury, 10000 Troyes
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The 45th monastery of Holy Visitation - Marie (the only one who remains(subsists) in champagne(Champagne)) was based(established) by lord de Breslay, bishop of Troy, with the help of the commander of saint Jean-du-Temple, Brulard de Sillery and of the king Louis XIII. Installation was made from 4 till 6 July 1631 in the interim premises(places) today missing. The ground of Croncels (current avenue Pierre Brossolette) was acquired later and built during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. It is in the course of the third of these campaigns(countrysides) of construction that was built the chapel, very precisely in 1664\. His type(chap) of skeleton in the upper-deck is rare and glazed tiles were maybe arranged already in draughtboard according to the Burgundian use(custom) held(retained) in Troy for the church of Saint-Nizier and the Hotel of Marisy. The chapel was entirely listed(classified) in conformance with(for) Historic monuments on May 4th, 1984.
The first interior design, offered by families Corberon, Tafignon, Bé and Jannard, disappeared completely during revolutionary period but certain elements remain(subsist) within churches Saint-Rémy (altar, pulpit, woodworks closing the sacristy) and Saint-Jean-au-Marché (picture(board) of saint François of Dirties). Hunted(Chased away) of their convent, moniales underwent exiles it from 1792 till 1807\. They returned in possession of their good(property) thanks to the generosity of lord Aviat; but buildings(ships) were in three destroyed quarters.
A first campaign(countryside) of restoration(catering) (1824-1845) allowed to redo the retable, the tabernacle and the railing(bar) of communion. Other arrangements(developments) were begun(undertaken) from 1863 till 1865 thanks to the liberalities of a benefactor, madam de Trousset: resumed(taken back) by walls on 7 metres in heights, pose(installation) of stained-glass windows, of frescoes and of two monumental paintings(boards). The paving of the court(yard) also dates of this period.

Access: Entered by the avenue Pierre Brossolette.

Monastère de la Visitation Crédit photo : Agathe Guyard / Ville de Troyes