Stages of the construction of the church Notre-Dame-Des-Trévois: plans in realisation

Exhibition(Exposure) of documents and of photos on the construction of the church

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Façade de l'église Notre-Dame-des-Trévois - Photographie : Arnaud de Charrin

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83 boulevard Jules Guesde, Troyes
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This religious building was built in the first third(third party) of the XXth century, from 1931 till 1934\. This church is located in the old(former) working-class district of the shadowings(spinnings) of Troy. To build this place of worship, he(it) was appealed to the monk architect Dom Paul Bellot. He knew how to mix concrete and polychrome bricks in a harmonious way by drawing inspiration from architecture and from Moorish colours. It is about the only Trojan church of this type containing mosaics of Byzantine style. She(It) is listed(classified) among historic monuments since 2001 and labelled remarkable contemporary architecture.

Église Notre-Dame-des-Trévois Bas-Trévois – Photographie : Carole Bell, Ville de Troyes