Royer tile factory-pottery

Visit commented by the site, by the oven of machines and demonstrations of moulding

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  • Thème : Jeunesse et Patrimoine

Come discover this tile factory based(established) in 1800 which fabricates, in a craft way, a manifold range of products, in baked clay, flamed in a 100 m3 oven. Real ecomuseum, she(it) is labelled Living Heritage.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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Tuilerie Royer

About the venue

8 route de joinville 10200 Soulaines Dhuys
  • Patrimoine XXe
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  • Édifice industriel, scientifique et technique

Since six generations, The Royer de Soulaines Dhuys tile factory / pottery transforms, according to traditional techniques, the beautiful clay of the Aube(Dawn) into flamed tiles, bricks, tiles and potteries in a 100 m3 wood stove. Certified EPV (Company of Living Heritage) since 2008, the Tile factory works for Historic monuments. Visits and internships(training courses) of Pottery are organised all year long. The visit of the big(great) oven is an amazing and mysterious moment when the alchemy of the fire(light) transforms the earth(ground), after 9 days of cooking, into products of long-lasting(sustainable) construction during generations. Come to meet us in our workshops(studios) steeped in history and find charm and authenticity of a craft(home-made) production in old(former).

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