Exhibition(Exposure) Artists city"

Painters, sculptors, photographers of the Aube(Dawn) and of the region, share their creative passion in a festive and convivial atmosphere. Animation organised by the association " La Tête en Fête"

  • Exposition
  • Gratuit
  • Thème : Jeunesse et Patrimoine
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  • Opération : Journées du 1% artistique ( du 18 au 22 septembre )

The artists will be installed(settled):

  • on the square of the cathedral Saint-Pierre-Et-Saint-Paul
  • in the court(yard) of the Cellar Saint-Peter
  • in the main courtyard of the City(Estate) of the Stained-glass window
  • in the garden of the Museum of Fine Arts and of Archaeology, Natural history museum
  • in the street of the City(Estate) Musical interlude with the young people of the harmony of Alert " (orchestra(band) of cellists) at 8 pm. Workshops(Studios) and demonstrations for the young people of wood carving, sculpture on stone, stained-glass window Tiffany, caning, tapestry and binding, with the members of the association "the Tool in hand".

Source: Ministère de la Culture

Image Credits
Cité des artistes 2015 - Photographie : Luc D'Oliveira

About the venue

Place Saint-Pierre, 10000 Troyes
  • Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire
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  • Lieu de spectacles, sports et loisirs