2000 years of history(story) of a from the Ardennes village

Discovery of the village of Williers.

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Circuit of discovery of 2 h presenting fortifications of Later Roman Empire, Gallo-Roman relay, the church of the XVIIIth century, wash house and strong house built after 1940 … Projection of a movie about life in the village by 1960.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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Francis Raymond (libre de droit)

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08110 Williers
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A hamlet implanted on a crest, harmed(served) by the Roman way which connected(bound) Trier(Truces) and Reims, must have been in Later Roman Empire a first-rate strategical site. He(It) overhung the Roman relay of Chameleux down below detailed structures of which are visible. At the entrance(admission) of the current village, the vestiges of a thick wall in front of which passed the way trained(formed) a characteristic blocked spur. The history(story) of the village in the Middle Ages is badly surrounded(identified), but in the 16th century, the village underwent the torments of wars and is in ruins. As the inhabitants did not possess church and had to go(surrender) to Mogues, a building is built in 1628\. During the Thirty Years War, the site is transformed into fort and the French people take it over in 1641 and shave the set(group). A few years later, Williers becomes French with the rest of the provostship of Yvois. After 1940, a strong house is built in Williers. Its rests were included into a chalet.

Village de Williers Libre de droit

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