Castle of Arrentières

Come discover a rare medieval castle kept(preserved) in the department of the Aube(Dawn)!

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Chemin du château, 10200 Arrentières
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The castle of Arrentières is quoted in 1238 as fortified castle and Jean d' Arrentières (bailiff of Vermandois and of Chaumont) had the authorisation, in 1319, to base(establish) a chapel there. It would have been shaved, because of perfidy of the Lord in order of Louis XIII who had not accepted his(her) conversion in the Protestantism. There remain(subsist) ditches(gaps) and tours(towers,ballots) of the XIIIth century, two tours(towers,ballots) and underground room of the XVth century. One of the towers was rehabilitated in pigeon house and other one serves as a basis for a square building of the XVIIIth century.

Château d'Arrentières Château © Emmanuel Piot