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An exhibition(exposure) on the red planet to be discovered in family, containing a play space for the young visitors with islands of manipulation

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Exhibition(Exposure) presented with the City(Estate) of the Space of Toulouse - to see until January 14th, 2018 It rests(bases) on set(group) of modules created by the City(Estate) of the Space of Toulouse (exposed(explained) to the Palace of the Discovery in Paris in summer, 2016) with manipulations and experiences(experiments) to include the Martian atmosphere, the difference of gravity between Earth and march as well as presentation(display) in an immersif decoration(set) of models with real size of probes and robots sent on the planet Mars these last years. Further to, will be borrowed from the museum of Langres, a very rare Martian meteorite: piece of the meteorite fallen to Chassigny near(about) Langres in 1815. Will be also evoked the actuality of Martian exploration as well as Martian and extraterrestrial imagination. This temporary exhibition(exposure) posts(shows) the Museum as the place living on scientific culture by proposing a theme of science and of actuality and new modes of mediation including more scientific experimentation.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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"Explore Mars" - Photographie : Carole Bell, Ville de Troyes

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61 rue de la Cité, 10000 Troyes
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The old(former) abbey, built in the XVIIth and XVIIIth century s., shelters the museum of Fine Arts, of regional archaeology and the Museum. Fine Arts: a panorama of French and European art. The painting(paint) gathers(combines) Giotto's key works, Spranger, Vasari, Champaigne, Bellotto, Watteau, Butcher, Fragonard, David as well as exceptional set(group) of Natoire. The sculpture reveals the wealth of the monumental art of Middle Ages until modern time(period) (gargoyles and capitals(big tops), princely and royal statues). The artists native to the Champagne are in honour and among the most famous, Precious and Girardon for Big(Great) Century and Simart, Dubois, Butcher, Franceschi there for the XIXth century. Regional Archaeology: first palaeolithic populatings till the beginning of Middle Ages, of Stone Age (dolmen of Frécul) via(including) the age of metals (remarkable Celtic time(period): grave with tank of Bouranton, golden(in gold) bracelet of Molesmes), then the roman time (Apollo de Vaupoisson, domus of Chaillouet) up to High Middle Ages (treasure of Pouan). Natural sciences: an unique(only) Museum in Champagne-Ardenne. Focus on local fauna(crowd): mammals (otter, lynx, wildcat) and visible birds around the natural lakes of the forest of East (ash crane, black stork). Geology: rocks, minerals, fossil flora and fauna of the basement aubois. Rare collection of meteorites of world. Photo: Hébé / Hébé was sculpted after 1868 by Jules Franceschi. This group stages Hébé, personification of youth in the Greco-Roman mythology, tightening(stretching out) a cup(cutting) of a hand at the divine eagle, the head of other one of which it caresses(cherishes).

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