Old(Former) abbey of Clairvaux

Come discover the Big(Great) Abbey Cistercienne of saint Bernard and the famous prison which fascinated Victor Hugo!

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Discovery of the building(ship) of convers (cellar, refectory, dormitory) of the XIIth century, the monastic barn and the big(great) cloister of the XVIIIth century.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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Association Renaissance de l’Abbaye de Clairvaux

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Hostellerie Des Dames Place de la Maison d'Arrêt, 10310 Clairvaux Sur Aube
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Old(Former) cistercienne abbey, based(established) in the XIIth century s. by saint Bernard, and become in the XIXth century s., the biggest(greatest) penitentiary establishment of France. Discovery of buildings(ships) which redraw the history(story) of places: the inn of the ladies (the XVIth century s.); the neogothic chapel of the Prison of the children (the XIXth century s.); the building(ship) of convers, with its cellar and its dormitory irreplaceable evidence of architecture cistercienne the XIIth century s.; as well as the refectory-chapel (the XVIIIth century s.), every three recently restored by the State; the big(great) cloister of the monks, which perpetuates rigour and sober majesty of cistercien spirit and offers an evidence of prisons known the XIXth century s. at the beginning of 1970s.

Access: The abbey being located in the perimetre(scope) of the central Prison, the presentation(display) of the identity card is demanded. A5 taken(brought) out 23 - D619 Chaumont-Bar

Abbaye cistercienne Association Renaissance de l’Abbaye de Clairvaux