Coherent visit of the Castle and of the Gardens of a concert Harp and Voice(Vote)

Exceptional opening of the Castle of Bogard - Visit commented by the Castle and Gardens - Followed by a concert Harp and Voice(Vote) in the Orangery - Refreshment offered at the end of concert.

  • Visite commentée / Conférence
  • Tarif habituel
  • Thème : Jeunesse et Patrimoine

As part of HERITAGE DAYS 2017 devoted to the raising awareness of the young people in the protection(saving) of heritage, the Castle and the Gardens of Bogard (in Quessoy) will be unusually opened on Saturday, September 16th at 17 h 30 and on Sunday, September 17th at 16 h 00, for a visit followed by a Concert with Jeanne Crousaud - soprano - first price(prize) of the singing competition Georges Liccioni 2016, accompanied in the Harp by Chloé Ducray, in a programme of French melodies of the XIXth and XXth centuries.

  • Entered 10 euros
  • Free admission for the young people under age 18 accompanied with an adult
     Refreshment offered at the end of concert.
    In view of the limited number of places(squares), reservation deeply recommended in 06 89 21 33 22.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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About the venue

315 Château de Bogard, 22120, Quessoy
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir
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  • Monument historique

Prospect(Perspective) about 800 m (Guignette 1788) Garden of masonic inspiration; garden of the sensitive man; restoration(catering) of the medieval terraces and plantation of arbours Bogar is the cradle of the family of the same name, origin of which l' goes back up(raises) to the 13th century. At the beginning of the 17th century, the earth(ground) crossed(spent) Metayer in then in of Knots(Ties) it, known family by adviser(councillors') uninterrupted succession to the Parliament. The castle is established(constituted) d' a detached house(flag) in the South, vestige of constructions of the end of the 16th century, d' a main building of the 18th century. The common(shared) most old(former) date of 1656\. Of the side is forms and paths d remain(subsist)' a garden in the romantic plan created at the beginning of the 19th century.

Access: D 1

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