Come discover the wall paintings(paints) of the garden house

Visit of the garden house with which the main room(part,play) is decorated with wall paintings(paints) dating of 1902

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The garden house was built by 1900 for Lachave, industrialist of the tile(window pane) mosaic cement in Game preserves (builder(manufacturer) of hydraulic press and mould(mussel) divisors for the manufacturing of this type(chap) of tile(window pane)).
The main room(part,play) is entirely dressed in a trompe l'oeil(window-dressing) painted decoration(set), a panoramic composition of the vicinity of Game preserves giving phantasm to be in the centre of a terrace opened on the horizon and topped with a trellis. The complete description is available on the page / fr / projects / restauration-de-peintures-murales-viviers-07 / campaign
where you can participate in the fund-raising campaign for the restoration(catering) of these paintings(paints). it is about a project supported by the department of the Ardèche and relieved on their devoted portal(gate)
On the occasion of Heritage Days, the place is open to the public to make discover paintings(paints) and present this project.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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F. Greffe