Introduction to Qi Gong

For a good start to the weekend, come and practice Qi Gong in the garden all summer long.

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This summer several Qi Gong teachers will meet you on Saturday mornings on the terrace of the Jardin des Cimes in the Plateau d'Assy to practice this Chinese energy discipline.

The qi gong is a traditional Chinese gymnastics and a science of breathing that is based on knowledge and control of vital energy and which combines slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration. The term literally means "exercise (gong) relating to qi", or "control of vital energy".

In a broader perspective, "qi gong" means "method and efficiency of the breath" and combines traditional techniques of gymnastics, breathing, meditation, visualization, trance, charismatic healing and combat that come from Taoist contexts, Buddhist, Neo-Confucian, scholarly or popular.

Without reservation, participation at free price, session cancelled in case of bad weather.