Apéro'jardin with Phat Lip

Groovy Journey to Funk & Disco Inspirations

Phat Lip

Embark on the PHATLIP ship for a Groovy journey with Funk & Disco inspirations.

The septet takes you from the very first notes into an "Old school" universe with a modern look, all in a glittery atmosphere. The two female voices pointing the way, destination: warmth, positive energy, conviviality, in a case of benevolence and gentleness, supported by the rest of the crew trombone, saxophone, keyboard, guitar,

bass and drums.

The creativity of the compositions and the interpretation of the covers makes PHATLIP an original, explosive, tender and


Every Friday evening until August 31st, the Jardin des Cimes and the Café du Jardin remain open until 11pm with live music on the terrace facing Mt Blanc.