Apéro'jardin with La Petite Equipe

Every Friday evening until August 31st, the Jardin des Cimes and the Café du Jardin remain open until 11pm with live music on the terrace facing Mt Blanc.


La petite équipe is unclassifiable fusion! Every piece takes you somewhere else. From Flamenco to Funk, no borders, free, the sound travels to Africa, lands in Spain, before heading to Brazil or Cuba. Sometimes it's singing, sometimes it's rap, sometimes it's just a breath of fresh air, sometimes it's slam a cappella with protest or poetic lyrics. The music is made with the heart, it's up to you to listen to the beats.

Bruno Lonchampt, singer with chiseled lyrics, author of novels with sarbacane

Jules Sanchez, guitarist with multiple universes: Flamenco/Bossa/Funk/Afro

Slim Mesbah, percussionist, rhythmist and master of the rhythm.

Claudio Clavija, bass player, musician and composer, he writes music for the National Ballet of Chile.