Apéro'jardin with Trip for Leon

Every Friday evening until August 31, the Jardin des Cimes and the Café du Jardin remain open until 10:30 pm with "live" music on the terrace facing Mt Blanc.


In this house with walls so thick that they stop time, the memory of the great uncle Leon persists. He sits there, camping in his old faded armchair. He's fine there. It's wild.... with patience and no worries. What's he thinking about? What is he dreaming of?

Heading for the great uncle's house, Trip for Leon was born in 2018, somewhere between the A7 motorway and the Vercors massif. This duo composes a trip-hop/folk music. Lyrical flights, acoustic downtempo, sometimes looped, traditional and electric instruments for modern music; the duo unveils in this project its groove and intimate universe.

Marie GROLLIER, singing, cello, guitar: For a long time in post-rock and cold-wave (2006-2014), the discovery of the cello and lyrical singing renewed her passion and nourished her curiosity. In 2016, she was invited to accompany readings (Memorial of the Rivesaltes Camp). She is part of the Argentine trio Amanecer and Ublot (electro-acoustics and crossover arts). She also holds a degree in musicology (University of Grenoble). Two of his compositions can be heard in the show Le Garçon qui volait des avions par la cie L'Autre Monde.

Clément TERNISIEN, accordion, bass: An eclectic musician, he founded Barons Perchés (music from the East) in 2006. He collaborates with the theatre community and the Gérard Gérard company with whom he participates in the show Les Visiteurs du Parc (2013) and supports amateur workshops (2016). He is featured in the street show Rendez-vous (cie Les Petites Gens) and on stage with the groups Ublot, La Gouailleuse (French song) and L'Impasse humaniste (rock-noise psyché).

"Fog" (demo):

Live acoustic version:

Other songs (rehearsal recordings) are available here:

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